Sector Spotlight: Student Accommodation

It’s coming to the end of a very busy time for PEMCO with our student accommodation work. During the summer months and into early September we are super busy getting ready for the start of the new academic year for the UK’s university students.

— Bryson Court, Newcastle - managed by Abodus Student.

We work with several student accommodation providers, including Canvas Student, Abodus Student and Nido Student. Our work in the student accommodation sector currently equates to 30 properties and over 9000 individual student bedrooms! This is a key sector for us, and we have plans to grow our student accommodation business even further next year.

— Boyce House, Glasgow – manged by Canvas Student.

Occupancy rates in student accommodation were understandably very low when we carried out this work last year. It’s been really exciting to see the student accommodation sector coming back to life, and to learn that all of the properties we work for are at full occupancy for the upcoming academic year.

— Bryson Court, Newcastle - managed by Abodus Student.

Student accommodation has come a long way since the PEMCO team were at uni! Many of the accommodations we work on now have fully equipped gyms, cinemas, games rooms and stylish seating areas. These buildings are a pleasure to work in but do present their own unique risks. For all our student accommodation clients we carry out three key risk assessments: Fire, Legionella and General Workplace. Each of the sites take a full day to inspect and we often take more than 300 photos at each property during our inspections! You can see why we’ve had such a busy summer.