PEMCO provides a range of safety management services for housing providers, including housing associations, local authorities, housing charities and private rental sector (PRS) organisations. Our services are designed to ensure that your tenants’ homes remain safe and that your employees are working in the safest possible environment.

As proud supporters of the National Housing Federation (NHF), we’re serious and passionate about achieving the highest standards of safety in the social housing sector.

We are retained competent advisors to several registered social landlords, and have extensive experience in providing specialist safety management services to a diverse range of housing providers, including:

  • Safety management system set-up
  • Writing workable policies and procedures
  • Producing sensible risk assessments
  • Sitting on internal safety committees / steering groups
  • Providing practical day-to-day safety advice
  • Liaison with enforcement officers on your behalf
  • Employee safety training

With the introduction the Fire Safety Act 2021 and the Building Safety Act 2022, the need to meet new legal duties for specific types of residential buildings has arrived. In response, we have recently extended our support to landlords in managing higher-risk or complex buildings with a range of specialist services in this area.


And we don’t just look after your compliance paperwork, we also take pride in ensuring that practices and behaviours are actually carried through into the real world within your tenants’ homes, sheltered schemes, extra care schemes, hostels and general needs blocks. We do this by getting out and about with your site-based teams and by auditing actual safety-related behaviours on the ground.


If you’re interested to know how your health and safety performance sits alongside other housing providers, we run our own independent and confidential benchmarking service on behalf of our retained clients and other guest housing providers. Health and safety performance data is collected quarterly, tabulated, and fed back anonymously to all contributing providers. It’s amazing what you can learn by comparing yourself to others.